The opportunity to gain practical skills, experience and knowledge in the intern's field of interest coordinated when possible with the student intern's learning objectives and where and when feasible, exposure to different departments in the organization.

Focus areas include:

E Commerce, Sales, Marketing, Alternative Energy Research, Presentation Building, U.S. Business Practices, General Business Skills, Import & Export, Web Site Design, Manufacturing & Distribution, and General Office Skills



We offer African History lectures and workshops. Our subjects cover African Psychology, African Art, Ancient African History, African American History, and African Diaspora History:


Khemet,Alkuebalan, Land Of The Gods, Sheba, Abysinia,Ethiopia, Kush,Congo,and Patrusi Land are some of the ancient names for the largest continent in the world, what is now called Africa. Africa has 55 countries and is not disconnected from what is now call Europe. This slide presentation is of 3.7 million years of African existence & migration and 10,000 years of African culture and science. The slide also shows pictures and the proof of Pyramids, Ships and Oblisk in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan , Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Somalia, Nigeria, Tonga and other ancients structures and technology all over Africa and the world built by Africans from 3,000 to 10,000 years old.

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